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Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance :

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Graded Benefits:

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance, is life insurance without medical questions. Typically reserved if your in less than perfect health. Guaranteed Approval, Easy Application Process. If your in preferred health please refer to the Whole Life Insurance Quotes.

“The Waiting Period”

This coverage comes with a death benefit which is graded within the first 2 years, if the insureds death were to occur within the first 2 years of coverage, the death benefit claim pays out a return of the premiums paid, plus an additional 10%.

Any kind of accidental death within the 2 year graded period would result in a full death benefit claim. Any Death occurring after that Graded period,  is a FULL death benefit.

                 Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Features:

Guaranteed Issue Life HighlightsPremium is fully dependent on age, Gender and Coverage Amount. There is No Medical Questions or medical exam required on the application for approval, it is life insurance guaranteed approval. Great Western Life Insurance, does give the applicant a chance to qualify for Day 1 coverage, if applicant is able to answer “no” to a few medical questions, but this is not required to complete application. If applicant qualifies for day 1 coverage, they receive a 10% bonus on the coverage.

Excellent coverage compared to other Graded benefit policies on the market as far as cost and premiums and waiting period of 2 years only instead of 3. The Life Insurance Quotes, will show lowest rates for Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Policies.