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Instant Burial Insurance Quote Texas: Compare the best Burial Insurance for Seniors Rates available to residents of Texas. Compare the Best Life Insurance Companies in Texas.

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Burial Insurance Quote Texas

Instant Burial Insurance Quote for Texas . Burial Insurance is ideally meant to cover final expenses, Burial Insurance is designed to cover Final Expenses and Life insurance for Seniors. Commonly referred to as  Funeral Insurance or Final Expense Life Insurance. Get Burial Insurance Quotes, specific to your state of Texas. Compare Burial Insurance Quotes.

Your Burial Insurance Quote will be a whole life insurance plan, with locked in rates, day 1 coverage, no waiting period and cash value. Compare with the Best Life Insurance Companies available in Texas .

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Burial Statistics for Texas


Average Costs of Burial and Cremation in Texas

Funeral Home fees for viewings and other basic fees associated with a cremation  can average from $1,500 - $3,500. Those are averages, it is not out of the ordinary to see funeral home fees being as high as $7,000 just for  general fees and viewing costs associated with burial or cremation.

Texas is also host to two cities found in the Top 10 most expensive cities in the country to have a cremation service

Houston is 3rd place on the list with the average cost of a direct cremation being $675 - $6,800 for Cremation.

Dallas in 4th place for most expensive city in the country to have a creamtion. Dallas has an average cost of a direct cremation being $850 - $6,300. These prices do not account for other expenses charged by the funeral home for any services such as a viewing.

Average Age of Mortality In Texas

Overall life expectancy in Texas is 78.5 Years of Age

Life Expectancy varies by gender in Texas, average overall life expectancy for women is 81.1 years of age.

As for men in Texas the average of death is 75.9 years of age.


Burial Costs by Zipcode

Life Expectancy varies considerably by zipcode in Texas, as much as an astounding 30 years on average depending on where you live in Texas.  Read more about Life Expectancy at UT Southwesterns Life Expectancy Report, Including a mapping tool to check life expectancy specific to your zipcode.